Excessive Emotions, Beware Of Broken Heart Syndrome

For those who have experienced it, one heartbreak is a painful experience. Did you know, it turns out broken heart syndrome really exists you know. This condition is not always caused by a broken heart due to a breakup in love, but can also be triggered by heavy emotional or physical pressure. Such as deep sorrow, excessive anger, or too surprised. Broken heart syndrome is actually a temporary disorder of the heart due to stressful conditions. This is due to heart muscle failing to function perfectly. Although classified as fatal, but generally this condition is only temporary. What are the Causes and Characteristics of Broken Heart Syndrome? The cause of broken heart syndrome is emotional distress, such as domestic violence, loss of work, divorce, diagnosis of serious illness, sudden loss of money, to quarreling. In addition, broken heart syndrome can also be caused by physical stress, including asthma attacks or energy-draining physical activity. The main characteristics of th
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